Grey’s Anatomy 8×15

24 Lu

I’ve been looking forward to this episode, especially after the last week’s one ended with Lexie entering Mark’s apartment and ending up eating dinner cooked by Avery with both of her exes. However, to my (and I suppose I’m not the only one feeling this way) disappointment, this part of the story had no follow-up in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy.

What we do get in this episode, as far as love-relationships between characters are concerned, is an elaboration on Cristina and Owen’s marrital problems. Throughout the whole episode, we are watching a couple’s therapy session that isn’t going very well. Their attempts to cope with Cristina’s decision to abort the baby and Owen’s undealt grief connected with what happened are not very successful… Shonda Rhymes is definitely preparing her viewers for a serious crisis. (Personally, I’m more a Burke fan so I wouldn’t mind Owen being out of the picture, but I also realize that many fans of the show are actually devoted supporters of Cristina/Owen pairing.)

Somewhere in the background we have Karev, once again dealing with his „asshole-ness”, Meredith fighting for Torres’s approval (and a let-in on a secret kick-ass learning technique) while saving a patient’s hand stuck in a meat grinder and Bailey not willing to let Avery perform a surgery on a certain patient. Seattle Grace also has a visitor in a form of Derek’s sister who just came out of rehab and wants Derek to help her with a complicated brain surgery on a woman with gliosarcoma.

<strong>Highlits of the episode:</strong>

– Avery telling Bailey to get out of the OR after she distracts him while trying to interfere with Avery’s decisions concerning her former patient. Makes you proud of Jackson 😛

– Sloan and Avery’s interraction on screen – <strong>who needs Slexie while having Sloanery?</strong> 🙂

– Webber as a „Puppet Master” in a noir-movie-like conversation with Torres.

– Cristina and Owen fighting about whose PTSD was worse.

<strong>The least impressive part of the episode:</strong> Amelia’s break-down speech about her addiction and struggle to be tough. Personally I found it not very convincing and absolutely not moving.

Overall grade: <strong>5/10 </strong> It was a very mediocre episode, without many electrifying moments. The emotions experienced by characters were mostly somewhat artificial (excluding the performance of Sandra Oh who really did an amazing job. But then again – she always does).



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