He loves me, he loves me not

24 Lu

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Paris, France. The camera shows you a pretty girl buying a flower as a surprise gift to her lover. The background for the scene is filled with cheerful music. Everything is very flower-y and cute. In other words, it is a textbook opening for a romantic comedy. Or is it?

The girl’s name is Angelique (played by Audrey Tatou, known to the wider audience for her performance in „Amelia”). She’s a young, pretty and talented arts student with great career prospects. She is also happily and madly in love with Loic, an older man who happens to be a succesful cardiologist. In other words, her life seems close to, if not perfect.

(If only the guy didn’t have a wife, if only she wasn’t pregnant, if only he could leave her as quick as possible… If only the viewers could see that he cares for the main character…)

In the course of the movie, more and more things turn out to be less perfect than the originally presented, idyllic image. We get the „Fatal Attraction”-like main „heroine” and a male character who changes from Mr. Perfect into a cliche bastard cheating on his wife, abusing a young girl’s love and getting violent with his patients. Or is it yet another lie playfully presented by the makers?

„He loves me, he loves me not” is a thrilling ride of constant astonishment. Creators of the film perversely challenge their own work repeatedly, surprising us with more and more twists.

It is also a perfect anti-Valentines movie – for all of you who happen to hate the day;)




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