Kimi wa Petto – You’re my Pet

24 Lu

Today I want to introduce you guys to one of my favorite tv dramas. I have to say that despite America’s monopoly on the drama tv „market” Japanese productions are really worth checking out for their quite different approach to certain subjects. Below is a short presentation of one of such series.

Iwaya Sumire seems to have everything going on for her. She is beautiful, tall and inteligent. She works at the elitis department at her company, dealing with foreign clients, and she is a graduate from the prestigous Todai (Tokyo University – the best university in Japan and whole of Asia). Nevertheless, she is unhappy. Iwaya suffers from chronic headaches and has just as much difficulty smiling and laughing as crying (people in her department nicknamed her Kabuki Doll). She intimidates men around her with her cool manner, tall height and good education. What’s more, her last relationship fell apart because the guy cheated on her.

One evening, upon returning home, she finds a box in front of her apartment building. Inside the box is a young boy who reminds her of her long-died… dog Momo. Struck by the impression, Iwaya takes the boy home. Initially she only plans to take care of his wounds, feed him and let him stay for the night…but in the end she decides to „keep” the boy as a PET. It soon transpires that the young energetic man who doesn’t mind her being a tall and successful career woman might prove to be the cure not only for her headaches. However, an additional male figure – Iwaya’s past crush – a successful and tall;) man, emerges on the horizon…

The drama doesn’t only cater for females who would fantasize to have a young ikemen (popular term in Japan, meaning „handsome man”) as a pet at their house. The serie also deals with the hardships successful intelligent women have to face in the Japanese society that still appreciates more a woman being cute instead of smart and educated (Iwaya being dumped by her last boyfriend because he had smaller income, education and height than her and couldn’t deal with his inferiority complex). In addition, the drama teaches in a heart-warming way, that the real happiness depends strongly on a person’s ability to be themselves, and that in a relationship it’s more important to make each other happy than to fulfill the socially acceptes roles.

The unique idea for a story is supported with strong acting (especially the main character of Iwaya played by Koyuki – the very same who appeared next to Tom Cruise in „Last Samurai”) and a subtle, classy humour.



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