Top 5 Best Love Scenes

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According to one of the episodes of South Park, girls extremely enjoy making all kinds of lists. I, being a girl myself, am no exception. I often feel the need to make a ranking of random stuff in my mind, be it favorite colour, favorite food or favorite villain on a tv show. That is probably the reason why I’m starting this blog with a “ranking” post. Because this time of the year is mostly about Valentine’s Day, let us look at some of the most touching, intense, memorable romantic love scenes from both movies and tv dramas. Here is my personal Top 5 Best Love Scenes Ever:

Best Love Scene no. 5: Lexie and Mark’s kiss and Lexie’s speech after it. Grey’s Anatomy, season 5, episode 18. Starring: Chyler Leigh, Eric Dane

Thousands of people watching Grey’s Anatomy are routing for Lexie and Mark to end up together. These two characters have an undeniable chemistry and are simply cute. No. 5 is the scene of a touching little monologue Lexie gives Mark in a response to people’s judgemental reactions to their relationship. Now please watch it and tell me: who wouldn’t be completely won over by such a speech? I know for me it was one of the most powerful couple of lines ever delivered on the show.

Best Love Scene no. 4: Spike’s motivational speech to Buffy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 7, episode 21. Starring: James Marsters, Sarah Michelle Gellar

 No. 4 Best Love Scene is a take from another tv drama, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Most of the fans of this classic show are either members of „team Bangel” (standing for Buffy and Angel) or „team Spuffy” (Spike and Buffy). I myself am an avid Spuffy supporter and the following scene is the best argument I can present in favour of this couple. Spike’s moving motivational love speech is special because it’s clumsy and honest which makes it so unique. Supported by great acting of James Marster. Of course.

Best Love Scene no. 3: „Colorblind scene” from Cruel Intentions. Cruel Intentions. Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe 

As the common expression says: sometimes less is more, and this scene simply proves the wisdom of these words. Any dialogue between characters is reduced to an absolute minimum and yet these 2 sentences („-I’m impressed. – Well, I’m in love.”) Are much more powerful than a lot of carefully articulated, long, impressive confession speeches. The sensual, yet tasteful and subtle sex scene that follows is an adequate crowning of one of the most beautiful love moments on the big screen.

Best Love Scene no. 2: „Carol Singers scene” from Love, Actually. Love Actually. Starring: Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln

Although flowers and romantic dinners are still in fashion, every girl likes her man to be creative from time to time. Well, maybe it’s not the most noble thing  to confess secretly to your best friend’s wife while the guy is sitting basically right next to you two in the living room… But which one of us who watched the movie didn’t think it was a pretty kick-ass confession?

Best Love Scene no. 1: Mina and Dracula’s „Bed scene”. Dracula. Starring: Winona Ryder, Gary Oldman.

Ok, I am honestly a sucker for tragic love stories and for me Dracula directed by Coppola is the best love story ever made. In this particular scene Mina (Winona Ryder) finds out that the Prince (Dracula played by Gary Oldman) whom she loves is in fact a demon who killed her best friend. The emotions conveyed by brilliant miss Ryder are an explosive mixture of love, hatred and quilt. In the end Mina’s love for Dracula overcomes anything else the girl feels while she begs the vampire to make her immortal as himself. This is when we witness internal conflict within Dracula between the desire to live forever with his beloved woman and the awareness that making her a vampire is equal to making her existence an infinite misery. Both Oldman and Ryder deliver breath-taking performances, making this scene very intense moving and…erotic. The amazing music composed by Wojciech Kilar is like a freezing on a cake, embellishing the whole and making it unforgettable.

These are the best love scenes according to me. I hope maybe some people will get inspired and pick one of the movies mentioned here for a Valentine’s Day evening screening. I’m very curious about your opinions. Do you have any favorite love scenes? If so, please don’t be shy to share 😉



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