Proposal Daisakusen (Operation Love)

20 Mar

This time, I want to introduce another heart-warming Japanese love-story drama. It’s title is „Proposal Daisakusen” and just recently it was made into a Korean remake. I haven’t got the chance yet to see if it’s any good, but I thought it was a good moment for reminding people (and maybe inform a couple of new ones :)) about the existence of this great Japanese original.

The drama opens with a wedding ceremony that’s about to take place. We can see a bride-to-be getting ready at church, and a young man oversleeping and being late for, what a viewer could suspect, is his wedding. The guy luckily manages to get there just in time and a viewer observes the bride being walked to the altar towards a man. They look into each other’s eyes, the voiceover of the young man’s thoughts informs us that he knew the girl whose name is Rei since elementary school.

The whole scene looks very sweet and romantic until our protagonist is taken away by his friends to do „his job” which is… holding the mic, and it turns out Ken (because that is our narrator’s name) is not the one Rei is marrying….

Upon witnessing the love of his life getting married to someone else, overcome by regret and resignation, Ken realizes how many chances of winning Rei’s heart he had wasted. Luckily for Ken, a fairy appears in front of him, granting him the opportunity to get back in time and fix things… However, the number of Ken’s time transportations isn’t unlimited, he can travel in time thanks to commemorative pictures displayed at the wedding party and he has just as much chances as there are pictures with him…

The drama is obviously a romantic comedy, and in fact, a really good one. The beginning is quite original – it’s not so often when the viewers experience such an opening for the story, usually the wedding comes at the end and it is between two leading characters:P

The drama has some really humorous moments, watching the unskilled in the art of love Ken trying clumsily to convey his feelings for Rei is as much pitiful as it is funny. The casting of the drama is its huge plus, including many famous names. Yamapi’s acting might not be the top class but it’s ok, and his looks and popularity as one of Johnny’s boys* certainly will attract female part of the audience. Casted as Rei, Nagasawa Masami is a great choice for sweet and innocent Rei. I have to confess, personally I really like when producers choose her for such parts (even if they’re the only parts she can play:P), Nagasawa is always so natural in performing adorable ^_^ The secondary characters are very much likable and well portrayed by Eikura Nana, Hiraoka Yuta, Hamada Gaku and (especially!) Fujiki Naohito.

The drama has also a nostalgic touch to it, during Ken’s journey through time the viewers can witness some events from the past, happening in the background (like 2002 FIFA World Cup – a huge humiliation for my homeland of Poland:P) and observe the wonderful friendship between the five main characters.

I’d certainly recommend this position. It’s a must for the lovers of Romance dramas, but it might not necessarily completely bore the rest of you who will decide to give it a chance;)

For those who are still not persuaded, maybe you’ll get interested after watching a short preview below:


* Johnny’s boys is how idols managed by JE (Johnny’s Entertainment) are often referred to. JE is the biggest talent agency in Japan. It “produces” countless numbers of boybands whose members excell in singing, dancing and also acting. Yamashita Tomohisa (widely known as Yamapi) is a member of such a boyband and a very popular male celebrity among women 😉



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